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Šifra artikla: EXM

"EXENTRI multiwall is stylish wallet that combines small size and easy access with large space for your cards, bills, receipts, maps, coins and other small items. Wallet is made of high quality leather and has an adjustable locking device of stainless steel. Includes nylon locking RFID to keep your personal information and credit card were safe. Delivered in an elegant box. SPECIFICATIONS INDOOR Inside details: 3 places for credit cards, 1 compartment for bills and receipts and 1 place for tickets. Material: High quality cowhide with nylon in the inner part. RFID block in the two outer compartments. OUTDOOR LIVING External details: 1 mobile pocket for quick access to the card, 2 places for cards, 1 pocket for coins and small items, RFID block in the front of the card and buckle in stainless steel. Material: High-quality leather with RFID block infection in the front of the card. SIZE & WEIGHT Dimensions: Approx. 90x70x15 mm Weight: Approx. 70 gr ADDITIONAL DETAILS Comes in an elegant gift box protected design"
59,99 € (451,99 kn)

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Crna 0 0 59,99 € (451,99 kn)
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